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We have recognised that a number of brides have come to us by appointment who have found a gown which they adore, but unfortunately their wedding budget hasn’t always stretch to a new orderable gown. This will also be a lovely opportunity for our brides who have timescale requirements who are not able to wait until the standard orders are to arrive.

After research and gathering feedback, we have decided to assist brides who maybe on a slightly tighter budget AND also our loyal brides who have purchased and wish to recoup.

We are proudly offering our SECOND SENSE boutique of beautiful but greatly reduced gowns in great condition, all less than 2 years old for bargain brides who are invited to try on in the bridal environment with accessories such as underskirts, shoes and head/hair pieces ensuring that they too receive a lovely experience without the worry of an ebay or internet purchase.

Gowns will be sold as seen with a no return policy but of course, we shall pass on the services of our wonderful dressmaker who will be happy to help if bookings are made with ample time!

The gowns will be sold on a 50% commission basis with half to the shop and the other to the original bride. Gowns will be held and advertised in store for a maximum of 6 months which in that time they will hopefully have been snapped up! If not, they will must to be collected.

This incentive is something which we are very excited to provide as we feel it will provide a loyalty & assistance back to our brides which we very much appreciate, but also make each bridal appointment worthwhile. We shall also keep requests for gowns which we may not currently have but are due to obtain in the future .. as a wish list...

Gowns are being accepted (on a discretionary basis) from September, with a giddy hope that we will have a fabulous SECOND SENSE collection upstairs at Sense & Sensibility from October 2013

We stock the following brands in our collections

Lou Lou

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